Welcome to OFCC

4/2018 – Updates to the back end and redesign of the forum topics and groups. More to come!

Old Ford Crew Cab Community site provides members with technical help and ideas to get there crew cabs on the road, and to keep them there. We have expanded to include regular and extended / super cab trucks.

You found us, now take a look at our forums for some of the most knowledgeable posts on the web. Thanks to larger communities and our original Yahoo Group, our site has a ton of information on pre-1980 Ford crew cabs and Ford Trucks. Our link section has a ton of vendors and sites that will keep your truck running strong.

I would like to thank the new moderators for stepping forward to help out. We will be adding new sections and pages over the next few months. Feel free to contact any of us if you had useful information that needs a home. We can scan, edit and post anything, and appreciate all the resources we can get.

I haven’t said it enough, but thank you to our Yahoo Group, Fordification and Ford-Trucks.com for allowing us to organize our site and share information freely to all.

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