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Trying to find my Grandpa's 1976 Crew Cab in Eastern Oregon

Trying to find my Grandpa's 1976 Crew Cab in Eastern Oregon — Free
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From: ccsearcher  |  City: Heppner  |  Posted: May 20, 2013 1:36 PM
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I see there are a few people on this forum close to where I live in Heppner, OR. My dad sold my grandpa's crew cab to someone in the Hermiston/Pendleton area sometime around 1992-93. It was very unique and I was wondering if anyone has seen it on here or around those areas before. It was 1976 (i think) Olive Green CC short box with green wood racks, and a 460 motor out of a lincoln. It had an automatic with a special "brownie" overdrive from what I remember as a young kid (I remember the whistle it made when you got up to speed on the highway). It was my Grandpa's Logging "crummy" rig for his crew. Parents got strapped for cash and sold it before I was old enough to appreciate pickups. I would love to find it. Again it was sold in the Pendleton or Hermiston Oregon area. If I find a picture I will post it.

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