Where is my for sale ad?

Post you listing on "Free MarketPlace" and then link it here for comments.
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Where is my for sale ad?

Postby InfoFord » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:43 am

To prevent mindless clutter of old, outdated ads or incomplete ads (IE missing location, price, contact info),
Moderators may warn or delete the ad. Please take no offense to it.

If it is deleted and the item is still for sale, simply post a new ad.

If you have an old ad and it is still valid, please post in it, if the last post in it is over a month old.

Ads older then a month on its newest post is subject to deletion.

Ads that are incomplete are subject to a warning then deletion.

Please make sure you have ALL of the following:
-Location of item
-Price of item(s)
-Contact info for preferred way of contact
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