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1972 crew cab project.

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:10 am
by 1972hiboy
Hey guys, New to the site but starting my build thread. I found this truck here locally in Santa Cruz Ca. The gentlemen I purchased it from has owned the truck since 1975. Its a 72 crew cab special longbed. it had factory a/c xlt doorpanels. cargo light and other options. its cirrently a 2wd,390,c6. He stopped driving it a couple years ago becuase a wire had shorted out under the dash and filled the cab with smoke. I was able to purchase the truck for 800 dallors and had it towed to my fathers where I keep all my other bumps. I have a 72 parts truck that I took the complete wiring harness out of and will be re-wiring the truck with it. I would like to make it 4x4 in the future using a 1971 f250 4x4 chassis I have laying around but ill get around to that for now id like to just get it running and driving. the old man claimed he had a new motor put in about ten years ago and its lucky to have 8k on it. included are some pictures of the truck how I got it. sorry the pictures are so big im not sure how to re-size them.