Not a truck but still a Ford

Any truck / bronco thats not a crewcab but of intrest to the group.
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Re: Not a truck but still a Ford

Post by OrthmannJ »

Glad to hear you were able to take the Pony out for a ride.

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Re: Not a truck but still a Ford

Post by maddogjohnson »

I've been taking the Mustang out more often lately for the FITech system to learn.


I think I've worked through most of the tuning challenges.

Right now I'm venting the Fuel Command Center to the atmosphere, which is not ideal. I recently came across a 65-68 Mustang fuel sending unit with return line and think this is what I'll use to finish up the return system.

I'll clean up the messy wiring and fuel supply line when I make the return line.

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