New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

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New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

Post by OldIron »

This story begins about about a week or so ago when me and the bitter half....ahhg.....better half, yeah thats it,,, better half were out under the big ole shade tree in the back yard, trying to drink our iced tea before it became just plain old watered down tea, when the temps were lows in the mid 80's and the highs in the mid 90's for about 2 weeks straight. The smell of the corn pollination was heavy in the air and humid as all get out. I was sorta preoccupied trying to find a dry spot on my shirt to wipe the sweat off of my brow when the misses jumped and hollared....THAT TRUCK HAS SIX DOORS.. she bout upset the swing on us. :o
Well I jerked my head up to have a lookie see and the sweat ran down in my eyes, by the time I could focus on anything, the truck had all but gone by, however I was able to confirm it had three doors on the drivers side and it was blue. I couldn't tell what make model or anything else about the truck.
This evening I was out side as we don't spend much time in the house and low and behold, that blue CREW ... PLUS TWO truck drives by again. I was able to get a better gander at it this time but not enough time for a picture. It was for sure a six door truck, was looking at the passengers side this time. It sure enough looked like it could have been a factory job but I have not heard of anyone doing this in the factory. If it was a conversion truck, it was the best job I have ever seen and on a truck that I would never put the time or money into to do a conversion on. This brings me to the bad part of this story. The truck was in fact a Dodge and appeared to be a 1500 two wheel drive and what looked to be an eight foot bed, hard to focus on the bed when your looking at sooo many doors. I just had to share this story with you folks. Some of you will like it and others not so much but it is true. If I ever get a chance, I will shoot a pic of it and update this thread.

Does any manufacturer make a 6 door truck from the factory? Not to my knowledge but I do live a sheltered life here on the farm.

Old Iron

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Re: New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

Post by Bullistik8v92 »

There were/are a lot of 6 door trucks built (as were a lot of "factory"crewcabs before they were really factory, like all the GM and Dodge's in the 70's and the 60's Fords) that were coach built products. They are factory in the sense that it wasn't a back yard job, and many were available through special order fleet programs. I know around here when I was little there were some late 60's era Dodge and Ford 6 door trucks used by the phone company and by Bonneville power.

They're pretty rare at this point.

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Re: New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

Post by nathanial10 »

You didn't specify what year the truck was, but if you want to look at modern 6 door Fords CABT in OK does the conversions. I actually called him on a possible project I was thinking of. Custom Autos By Tim.

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Re: New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

Post by jamesdfo »

Well, those 6 door conversions aren't for the feint of wallet, that's for sure!!

But back to the OBS Ford 6 doors, I have recollections of seeing some 6 door, as well as "Super Crew" (Crew Cab with extended Cab section added on) back in the eighties. IIRC, they were done somewhere in Utah??

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Re: New Blue Crew ...... plus TWO ??????

Post by OrthmannJ »

Even if it is a dodge and a 2wd, I always find those conversions interesting. If you do get a photo of it at some point be sure to share it.

As for you and the missus, I hope that you are still enjoying your ice tea :)

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