Better than cash tip !

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Better than cash tip !

Postby 68Mercury250Ranger » Sat Nov 26, 2011 7:15 pm

did some exhaust work on a 2001 superduty with a 7.3 powerstroke on Friday.
older guy wanted the leak fixed on his exhaust. had broken off in front of his aftermarket exhaust break. asked him if he wanted it plumbed back in , but he wanted it taken out instead.
was an easy repair one 3.5 OD <> 4" OD adapter and one 36" long 4" pipe,ID/OD . only took about 45min complete.
came in $100 under the quote , no exhaust place would touch it :roll:

I told the guy he could probably sell the exhaust brake online. he asked me if I wanted it :o

I talked to him for a while afterwards and turns out he was born 2days after my dad, and he was a retired truck driver. very sharp truck , teal colour with silver lower accent and ultra clean supercab.

the brake made by USgear will go on the clubwagon over the winter, I'm not telling the wife about it. :lol: she will get a surprize in the spring.

how is that for a tip better than cash. 8-)

cheers to doing the job right the first time.
summer:RIP 68 Merc, 72 Bronc.
winter> wife: 94 explorer xlt, mine: Barney the powerstroke clubwagon
projects: 93 Bronco 7.3 powerstroke, 70 F250 crewcab 5.9cummins/ZF 4wd
67 Mercury700 on 98 F800 chassis, 91 C350 4x4 diesel Centurion.

compression ignition rules!! :D

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