1956 f100 Supercab 4x4

Super or Extended Cab
Mostly pre 1986
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1956 f100 Supercab 4x4

Post by nathanial10 »

1959 F350 4x4 292ci 38's
1966 F250 Crew Cab 4x4 3.9 Cummins Allison 1000 8in 37's
1967 F250 Crew Cab Farm Truck 352 fe
1970 F350 Crew Cab Dually 390ci stroker
1978 Centurian 4x4 5.9 12v Cummins Allison 1000 8in 38's
1979 F150 Supercab Short Bed 302ci AOD
1985 Bronco 300 ci
1990 Bronco II 2.9 5speed
1991 F350 Crew Cab 4x4 5.9 Cummins 24v twin turbo Allison 1000 4in lift 35's
1994 F150 Flareside 300 ci Mark III
1995 C350 Centurian 4x4 460ci 35's
2000 F350 Crew Cab Dually 4x4 7.3 PowerStroke Banks Power Pack 2in lift 33's
2003 Lightning Shellby tuned Hotchkis suspension.
2005 Excursion 6.0 PowerStroke 6in King Coilovers 35's
2011 F350 Crew Cab Dually 4x4 6.7 PowerStroke Carli lift 37's
2012 F150 Crew Cab Raptor
2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility

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Re: 1956 f100 Supercab 4x4

Post by OrthmannJ »

You're right, but seems like a good start and not a super ridiculous asking price.

I did have to chuckle at the last line in the ad though.

Once in the right hands this will be a one and only 1956 Supercab.

I hate to break it to you bud, but you aint the first person to try this.


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1969 F-100
1996 F-350 Crew Cab Powerstroke
Previous rigs:
1978 F-250 crew cab
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1981 F-100 shortbox stepside Ranger XLT
1994F-150 XLT S/C 4X4

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Re: 1956 f100 Supercab 4x4

Post by Bullistik8v92 »

I could probably do without the D100 buckboard frame, but there is a lot of useable sheetmetal in that project. But that is a project!

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