Front end upgrade

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Front end upgrade

Postby Houstoncrew » Fri Mar 08, 2013 2:01 pm

Ok here goes. I jsut bought a 1974 f250 cc 4x4. It has the dana 60 closed knuckles with drum brakes. I would like to upgrade the axles to the 1976 dana 60 with open knuckles and disc brakes. I would also like to do the power steering upgrade that I saw at "Discount Steering" My question is, from what years could I use another dana 60? What about a dana 44hd? And is there a diffence wether the diff came out of a regular cab? I would like to give myself the best chance of finding a donor. I would perfer that this swap be a bolt up with no mods

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Re: Front end upgrade

Postby nastystoys » Sat Mar 09, 2013 7:44 pm

Any front Dana 44 or Dana 60 is swappable for the most part. Any 67-79 axle you can bolt in. BUT depending if its a high or low pinion you may have to lengthen/ shorten the driveshaft. But usually that's with people messing around with lifting it at the same time as a axle swap. As long as you don't use an axle newer then 79 it fits no problem. Front frame width is the same up to 79. I have a 71 crew and swapped out the stock Dana 44 low pinion closed knuckle to a Dana 44 high pinion open knuckle out of a 79 bolts right in. I'm rebuilding a Dana 60 front open knuckle high pinion out of a 79 now to replace the 44 and will bolt right in just need to mess with the steering setup to make it work ill be doing crossover steering on my truck.

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