Ford F-250 1962 unibody body panels

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Ford F-250 1962 unibody body panels

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My son and I bought a Ford F-250 3.7 I6 from 1962 in San Fransico last year.
The car is in reasonnably condition (starts, drives and stops) but needs bodywork.
The truck bed has rust (area close to the cabine) and the talegate (hinges) needs repair / welding.
I already been looking for hours for the right body panels but I didn't find the right parts for this model.
Does anyone could tell me where I can buy the correct and fitting replacements panels or sheet metal that comes close to the original?

Many thanks from Belgium (Europe)

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Re: Ford F-250 1962 unibody body panels

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I would imagine it would be cheaper and easier to make the parts from scratch than to find those parts off another truck and ship them over.

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Re: Ford F-250 1962 unibody body panels

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I believe that Dennis Carpenter, , carries some parts for it. I know they remake tailgates for it. If your looking for some odd panels you cant find after market parts for, there is a place in North Carolina, they might be able to help you out. I am guessing that if you bought the truck in SF that you know all about the shipping cost. I know there are more places that deal in used parts for these trucks but not coming to me off hand. Good luck in your searches.

By the way, if it is really a "Unibody", they were first called the "integrated pickup" by ford. I don't know if that will help you find parts for it or not. Just a fun fact, the door body lines are different on the "Unibody" verses the other trucks. other than looks, I believe they will interchange and line up with the front fender and behind the cab.

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