Fixing/Preventing Roof Rot with Chemical Emersion

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Re: Fixing/Preventing Roof Rot with Chemical Emersion

Postby jamesdfo » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:20 pm

Bullistik: IIRC, RediStrip chemically removes the paint, then after a rinse off, moves to the next tank, which electrolytically removes the rust, but AFAIK, they do not do E-coat. But I don't believe they use an acid dip, which would remove metal.....

and in the link you provided, here is the first line in their write-up.....

Note: MCR offers these services exclusively to our restoration customers as a value-added service. At this time we are not offering these services on an individual basis.

Here is a '66 F100 they dipped & e-coated, its a conventional cab LWB box, and they dipped it with all the tin on the chassis, tank looks just long enough for conventional cab LWB, my '66 Crew is SWB Styleside and is about 18'-x", not sure what the length on Conv Cab LWB would be? ... 1.JPG.html


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Re: Fixing/Preventing Roof Rot with Chemical Emersion

Postby Bullistik8v92 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:22 pm

MCR did NOT do the entire resto on the C10. My buddy had them do all the sheet metal work and send it back E-Coated. It wasn't cheap, but all I had left to do was a few spots of glazing and lay on the primer. So yes, you have to be a customer but (at least a couple years ago) that could mean a lot of different things.

A quick google search and I discovered there are several stripping/dipping companies operating under the Name Redi-Strip. The place I was talking about DOES E-Coat. I've had some panels sent there when the local place I was using was having some trouble.

My point here is, most people in this thread are saying a CrewCab can't be dipped or that no one has tanks big enough and that's not true. There are several places that can dip the cab. MCR won't JUST dip the cab, but the fact is MCR does have the CAPACITY to dip the cab. Maybe they can't do an entire assembled CrewCab body, but this started out talking about roof/drip rail issues and all of these places can do a cab no problem. If you want the entire truck done they can run the nose and cab together and the bed separate. Several places can do it if you want to spend the money, but you probably won't find that company next door to you but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

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