neutral safety switch

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neutral safety switch

Postby Cahlager » Thu Apr 07, 2011 8:08 pm

i am considering buying a 73 f250 cc, the owner mentioned that the neutral safety switch is malfunctioning, and that it should be replaced, at first i didnt think much of this but then he continued to tell em that he suspects i may have to pull the whole steering column.

has anyone replaced an NSS on a 73-79 crew, if so will i need to remove the whole steering column, either way what would i have to do to replace it?

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Re: neutral safety switch

Postby robbragiel » Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:09 pm

You will only have to pull the steering column if the metal tab on the column shaft is broken off that sticks up about 1 inch. If its not broken off then all you have to do is replace the NSS that mounts on top of the steering column where that metal tab sticks up. That tab moves the slide switch on the NSS from side to side and prevents it from starting in gear.
I have 2 metal tabs broken off and all I did was slide the switch over to where it will start and put a cotter pin in a little hole that is there. The down side is if you ever happen to stall at a light make sure you put the trans in neutral before you start it back up other wise the truck will jerk fwd. The upside of it is all you have to do is pull the cotter pin and now it acts as a security device and todays thief wont be able to start it.
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