Electric fans

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Electric fans

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I am looking at replacing my flex fan with an Electric fan.But I have seen so many that I need input from you guys as to what you have installed and is it working good for you.I have a 1977 with 428 cj and I want to keep it cooool.Thank you for your time.Not2close

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Re: Electric fans

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if you want to keep it cool then super cooler radiator proper fitting shroud and a OEM clutch fan

if you want to keep fighting it then keep the flex fan or go to electric fans

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Re: Electric fans

Post by kodiak61 »

If you head over to the dent side section on FTW (ford-trucks.com) you will find some really good threads on Lincoln MarkIII fan swaps.

Or just use google and do a search for "lincoln markIII fan swap".

There is a multitude of different vehicle enthusiasts who use this fan motor in their rig of choice and all swear by it.

I picked one up from the junkyard but have yet to install. Once I do I will post more here about it and what I think.

I did however just finish doing the 3g swap into my truck and that I absolutely love. You can search that out as well on google or on FTE. In a nutshell it is taking a 130amp alt out of a new ford and swapping it into our old trucks. With all the electrical accessories I'm running on mine it was a must have. And the total bill? $78.32. That was the total from the junkyard and from the auto parts store getting the required fuse and some misc wire nuts.

I spent a little more but it wasnt required, just decided it was a good time to re wire lume my entire bay and secure everything down in a clean fashion.

Good luck which ever way you go.


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