Power Locks 68-72

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Power Locks 68-72

Post by Crackpot »

So I wanted to put some power locks in to keep my 4 year old triplets from ejecting them selfs at speed. I spent about $35.00 on ebay to get them.

Make sure you get the 5 wire model that has 2 5 wire and 2 2 wire locks. This will allow you to operate the entire system with the driver and pass door. If you get the 2 wire only model, you will have to install a switch on the doors.. and you cant hide the fact you have power locks.

Install brain box as close to the left side of the dash, behind the instrument cluster. If you have an alarm system with door lock control, then its probably close by. This will give you access to 12V + and a good ground. Also, if you don’t have an alarm system, and want to install one, this will give you easy access to integrate both latter.

The first door to work on is the drivers. Remove all hardware, screw, door panel, window crank handle. During this entire process, you need to be aware that you don’t want to mount the servo in a place it hits the window up or down. Also the servo needs to push the door lock buton straight up and down. If you mount the thing sideways, your wasting money. ;)
Mount the unit in the door where it can push a rod up and down that will attach to the door pin. You will have to bend the rod that came with your kit to avoid latches, locks, and other moving parts. Remember, don’t block the window track. I mounted mine directly below the push pin, with screws through the door that will be hidden by the door panel.

Bend the pin, and then add the clip that will clamp onto the existing lock pin rod in the door. Make sure you push the lock up and down a few times to locate the correct rod. The other rod in the door goes to the door handle.

The better you do at mounting your servo to push straight up and down, the longer it will last. If you don’t bend the included rod correctly, its made from pretty forgiving metal, so just rebend it.

How you run your wires to the doors is up to you. You can run them in the head liner, but I couldn’t. I don’t have holes from the pillars down to the rear doors.  so I ran mine under the floor plates that are just in side the doors. I also hid the wire under the carpet when it comes down from the dash. Again this is up to you.

I did drill holes in both front doors for the 5 wires. I didn’t feel good about kinking the wire in the hinge. The back doors had enough room to run above the hinges, and I put wire cover around the wires on all doors to keep it from chafing on the metal.
Once I have the front doors hooked up, I wired up the brain box to +12V and ground, and let the box hang loose temporarily. Then I tested the door locks using both 5 wire actuators (servos) and adjusted the rods and brackets to make sure that they went all the way down and up without working to hard.

The rear doors were a little bit of a pain. I had to mount the actuators from the outside door jam rather than under the door panel. I had to bend the rod all over the place. I decided to hook the rod to the lock directly rather than the door pin rod because of how hard mine are to operate. The door lock has a fork looking thing that comes off of it. I bent the bottom part up a little to keep my bolt from coming off, then I attached a bolt to a piece of metal strap that came with my kit. I cut it short, and attached the locking rod from the actuator to it.

Then I attached this MacGyver / Mickey Mouse rod to the lock fork, and tightened the bolt. After some adjusting I got that to work on both doors.

Then I wired up the alarm lock- and unlock- wires to the provided harness in my kit, and tested all the doors… I spent 5 hours on 1 back door coming up with the rod/bracket that would work. As an amateur engineer, I can fix it, just not pretty.
So I cleaned up, and mounted the brain box, and tested the system for a few hours, then I put the doors back together with all the screws and arm rests.

Then I tested it all again. I checked for complete lock travel, and lubed the door locks.

That’s how I did it, and I would be open for suggestions. You can buy a locking kit with keyless entry remotes, but I recommend going with a true alarm.. for $30.00 you can get an alarm on ebay that can control doors, lights, windows.. so keep that in mind.

Most door actuators are the same. Just make sure you get 2 5 wire main units and 2 slaves (2 wires) so both the driver and front passenger can operate the locks.

I will be attaching photos of my setup as soon as I take the doors apart for something else.

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Re: Power Locks 68-72

Post by crewcabz »

$35.00 forthe set of 4? Dang, I gotta start watching E-sells a little closer! The locks, and maybe windows are things are looking at doing down the road a piece, thanks for the good info!


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