Repairing LightBulb sockets

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Repairing LightBulb sockets

Post by Fabrikator50 »

I have finally decided to post this article on repairing the light bulb sockets in our pickups. I don't know how many of you guys have had the sockets fail to work.
What happens is that a turn signal or brake light quits working and the culprit winds up being a circuit failure within the Socket.
So, what has happened, is that within the socket, there is a "contact-connection" that gets corroded over time.
If you use a small Dremel Tool with the cut-off wheel, you can cut through the plastic socket housing (the side with the Bulge) to access the "contact-connection". Clean or scrape the connection, and then coat with soldering paste (flux) and solder the connection solid.
Next, fill the void with RTV sealant. Voilah.....Done
I wrap the socket with electrical tape too.
Hope this might help someone to fix the problem rather than replace the socket.
Len (Fabrikator50)

Tail light repair (Medium).JPG
This shows how I cut out the light bulb socket housing to access the contact connection that goes south.
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Re: Repairing LightBulb sockets

Post by superd02 »

thats a nice way to do it without soldering a new housing on it. i got a tip to- when you pull the bulb out and those contacts are rust, i take a little hand held sandblaster and clean them up quick works like a million.

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Re: Repairing LightBulb sockets

Post by crewcabz »

Ahhhh...VERY nice method. I've done a few other (botchy) fixes, and a few replacements, but this is what I needed to do all along! Thanx


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Re: Repairing LightBulb sockets

Post by 68Mercury250Ranger »

This just got me thinking about "replacability" of those sockets.

I was replacing all the sockets on the front and rear of my beater truck. 80-86 Ford body panels/lights.
I did a bit of searching at my local autoparts store, and came up with an all metal socket which comes with a replacable pigtail that fits the 1157/2057 bulbs.. and a rubber gasket for the light housing...... a whole $7.28 each. they might fit the pre 1980 stuff too, I will try it out. :)

Unless you are building a show truck that has to be "OEM correct" these would be reliable and servicable.

cheers for less tinkering, more driving :idea:

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